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XMQ-1050FCH Hot foil stamping machine with hologram
     XMQ-1050FC Hot foil stamping machine with hologram for three longitudinal axles + two horizontal axles + with hologram (i.e., anti-counterfeiting trademark hot stamping)
    High Accurace Paper Automatic Hot Foil Stamping Machine is special equipment applying to die cutting and creasing,foil stamping,hot and cold embossing of
    the advance colorful boxes,cartons and trademarks in printing packing industry,of which the hologram registering foil stamping function is equipped to meet the requirements of high quality and precision foil stamping for customers.the machine deeply won customers following easy operation,high safety,smooth running, high effciency and die cutting precision with high pressure.



    Max. Paper Size


    Min. Paper Size


    Max. Cutting Size

    1040*730 mm

    Max. Stamping Size


    Max. Cutting Pressure


    Stock Range

    Cardboard 90-2000g\or corrugated ≤4 mm

    Electric heating system

    12 individual temperature area,Max.temp.1600

    Die Cutting Accuracy

    ±0.1 mm

    stamping Accuracy

    ±0.5 mm

    Max.juamping step


    Min.stamping width


    Max. Mechanical Speed


    Max.stamping speed


    Pressure adjustment

    ±1 mm

    Minimum Front Margin


    Total Power


    Machine Dimension

    7000*4200*2300mmL*W*H include work platform)

    Total Weight



    Feeder Section

    * The four-suction- four-receiving feeder makes paper feeding smoothly, and  the height & angle of Suction nozzle can be


    * Open-Close Trolley, Improve operational efficiency.

    * Tilting feeding table is more suitable for high speed transmission and positioning of Thin paper.

    * Non-stop transporting paper lifting device.

    * double sheet control unit.

    * pulling and pushing Dual-use side guide device for side positioning, which selected according to paper type, and switching easily.


    Feeding table

    * wool wheels &rubber wheel of delivering paper , which can be adjusted continuously, improve efficiency.

    *pulling and pushing Dual-use side guide device for side positioning, which selected according to paper type, and switching easily.


    Foil Stamping Section

    * Control System of the foil stamping section using the most advanced technology (same as BOBST),

    fully computer-controlled gold foil punching, Jumping steps programmed;

    * Air-Cooled-Foil-Go Strain Axis

    * Standard two-axis gold scroll that is , three vertical and two horizontal structure;

    * Each axis has a high power servo motor, and can be programmed individually foil punching, jumping;


    Die-cutting Section:

    l Adopt central positioning system. It is very convenient and efficient to change the plate. The work efficiency can be improved greatly.

    l Adopt gear drive as main drive. It can keep much more stable drive and faster running speed.

    l Die-cutting frame with pneumatic locking system


    Delivery Section:

    · Adopt non-stop automatic delivery system and safety photoelectric device to ensure paper delivery in good order and convenient paper pile transfer.


    Main Driving System

    · Adopt warm wheel and worm gear

    · Adopt shell bearing connection.

    · Ensure smooth and steady operation

    · Ensure high pressure of die-cutting.

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