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XMQ-720 Automatic die cutting and creasing machine

    1. Adopt programmable controller,and it is incorporated with fully automatic feeding, diecutting, delivery, obstacle indicating, checking and measuring.

    2. Using unique cam intermittent construction designed by computer, which ensuring diecutting precision and gripper bar's processing stability.

    3. The driving chain for gripper bar is imported from IWIS, Germany, ensuring precision and life. Adopting electromagnetic clutch, long life and low noise.

    4. The main motor is controlled by transducer, which achieves stepless speed regulation and smooth operation.

    5. PLC, Transducer and all kinds of electric switch are imported from FUJI, YASKAWA, and OMRON, JAPAN.

    XMQ-720 Automatic Flatbed Die-cutting & Creasing Machine



    Max sheet size


    Min. sheet size


    Max.die cutting size


    Min. die cutting size


    Max. mechanical speed

    7200 sheets/hr

    Paper processable

    A. Paper/cardboard: 100g-1000g/m2 B. Corrugated board: up to 4 mm  thickness

    Min gripper Margin


    Die cutting precision

    Plus or minus 0.1 mm

    Max die cutting pressure

    200 T

    Total weight

    Approx 5.5 tons

    Full load power


    Overall dimensions



    Feeding Section

    The high speed feeder is made of lightweight aluminum alloy with anode treatment on the surface.

    The forward, backward, light and low positions can be adjusted according to the stock for smooth feeding of thinner paper, large gram cardboard and corrugated paper etc.

    Top speed can be reached at 7500s/h. Die cutting precision is within ± 0.07mm.

       Main-machine Interface

    special equipment designed and developed applicable to the die-cutting and creasing of advanced colorful boxes and cartons

    high production efficiency, multi-function, high safety and easy operation to be combined.

       Die Cutting Section

    Pneumatic push button die chase locking mechanism to ensure safe and operator friendly changing of the die.

    Complete lost control throughout the entire machine.

    Centerline system compatible to centerline for quick change over and short setting up time.


    Delivery Section

    Adopt non-stop automatic delivery system.

    Increase the work efficiency.

    Adopt safe photoelectric detection device.

    Ensure smooth and steady delivery.

    Upgrade system, perfect delivery at high speed


    Main Chain Drive

    Adopt high accuracy over loading chain.

    Have high tensile strength and abrasion-resistance.


    Main Chain Drive

    Adopt high accuracy over loading chain.

    Have high tensile strength and abrasion-resistance.

      Electrical Control Part

    Adopt PLC control system.

    Equipped with safety protection device.

    Have sound & light alarm and automatic shutdown when accident occurs.

    Ensure the safety of man and machine.

       The imported spare part

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