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Weifang Xinguang Printing Machinery Co., Ltd

Weifang Xinguang Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise specialized in manufacturing post press machinery for printing and packaging industry, such as automatic/semi-automatic flat bed die-cutting & creasing machine, automatic flat bed die-cutting & creasing machine with stripping station, automatic die-cutting and foil stamping machine with hologram, etc. Being established in Weifang in 2008, Weifang Xinguang Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. is the famous professional supplier for various bed die-cutting & creasing machines in China and all over the world.
Weifang Xinguang Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. is made up of 8 segments: Research & Development Centre (R&D), Production Management Centre, Financial Management Centre, Material Planning and Purchasing Management Centre, Sales & Service Management Centre, Human Resource Management Centre, Import & Export Department and production plants. We have more than 200 employees with 10 R&D engineers and boast annual capacity of over 100 machines among which more 30% are exported throughout the world including Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America etc. After years of development, we already have 60000 square meters of plant area and have grown into an entity incorporating full line of research and development, manufacturing, assembling and pre-sale consultation, as well as post-sale service capability. 
Hereunder are our main product line: XMQ-1050S Flat Bed Die-cutting & Creasing Machine with Stripping Station, XMQ-1050E Automatic Die cutting Machine without Stripping Facility, XMQ-1050FCH Automatic Die-cutting and Foil Stamping Machine with Hologram, XMQ-1050FC Automatic Flat Bed Die-cutting & Foil Stamping Machine, XMQ-1050FH Automatic Flat Bed Die Cutting and Foil Stamping Machine with Hologram, XMQ-1050F Automatic Die cutting and Foil Stamping Machine, XMQ-1100 Automatic Flat Bed Die-cutting & Creasing Machine, XMB-1100/1300/1500 Semi-automatic Flat Bed Die-cutting & Creasing Machine.
Our goal is to provide the best and overall solution to satisfy our customer in the packaging industry. With precision machines for parts processing, complete practical experience of factory management and production, we offer top quality products with reasonable price and Weifang Xinguang Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. is the best choice for you to purchase equipments. 
Weifang Xinguang Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., To Be Leader in the Post-press Equipment Industry in China with high quality products and post-sale service.
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